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Janitorial Services

Pros and Cons of hiring a low-cost janitorial company

Pros: Reduced monthly cleaning expenses

Pros: That is, it! There are no more good things that can come out of paying very little for janitorial services.

Cons: The less you pay a janitorial company the more corners they are going to cut to make sure they are still making a profit.

Cons: The companies that outbid the competition usually have fewer overhead expenses. This means… No one supervising the cleaners at night, no account manager assigned to your account. Expect getting a reply to your email 8 hours later vs within the hour it was sent.

Cons: The less you pay for janitorial services the higher the turnover of the night cleaner will be. The higher the turnover is, the greater need to retrain new staff.

Janitorial Services

The Trouble with Most Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services

Why is it so hard to find janitorial & commercial cleaning services? One reason is that a given commercial cleaning service in Maricopa & Pinal County might simply be made up of a collection of janitors who decided to incorporate. They may be good at cleaning, but they’re not necessarily good at running a business.

Lightning Property Solutions LLC offers professional janitorial services. That means our commercial cleaning company is run by our owner who has had the luxury to work in the janitorial industry for 18 years, not cleaning staff. Naturally, we have the utmost respect for our cleaning staff – we want the best and the happiest cleaners, so you get the best cleaning for your commercial facility – but we prefer to leave the cleaning to them and the management to our owner.

What that means for you is that each client we service gets customized attention. No commercial cleaning, we offer is like any other, because we talk with your staff and find out your needs before ever turning on a vacuum or breaking out a cleaning solution.

Our skilled service professionals will clean and polish every inch of your business, from bathroom to break room, leaving your offices with a spotless clean, every time. We’ll also do it your way, with an attention to customer service you’re not likely to find in other Maricopa & Pinal County regional office cleaning operations.

Office and Warehouse Cleaning

Our Janitorial Services

Lightning Property Solutions provides an array of services a for a variety of commercial facilities. Some of those facilities include:

  • Offices

  • Retail Centers

  • City Buildings

  • Industrial

  • Warehouses

  • Medical

  • Day Porter

  • Casino

  • Multi-Office Suites

  • Parks

  • HOA & Apartments

  • Real Estate Courtesy Cleaning

  • Move in & Move Out Deep Cleaning

  • And many more!

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